1- RCR Computer does not guarantee uninterrupted computer functionality due to various factors, including technological advances, user errors, software or hardware changes, power outages, or potentially harmful free programs.
2- RCR Computer is not liable for problems beyond our control, including issues related to hardware or software specifications, age, or condition, the absence of proper software licenses, discs, drivers, or lack of access to third-party services.
3- All warranted items purchased are depot warranted only. Returns and exchanges may be subject to restocking fees and travel charges. Software-related work may not remain problem-free due to its dynamic nature.
4- Change all passwords that may have been observed by RCR Computer.
5- Spares are not included in the listed price.
6- The price is per one computer.
7- If your computer requires off-site repair, we can take it and return it when repaired.
8- In the event we cannot repair your PC or laptop on-site, a charge of $75 CAD may apply if you choose not to use our collect and repair service.
9- You must provide all software you have purchased for installation after system crashes or Windows reinstallation.
10- Back up all data on your computer before the engineer’s visit. Data backup by our engineer is available for an additional fee.
11- Estimates provided are fixed and final prices.
12- All communications with RCR Computer are logged and recorded for training, customer satisfaction, and fraud prevention purposes. This includes phone calls, SMS, chat messages, emails, support tickets, and live chat conversations.
13- Customer information will not be sold or shared with third-party companies.
14- By authorizing work, the client allows RCR Computer to store necessary data and perform backups as required. Backup data is securely stored and will only be used for restore purposes. Data backups are typically destroyed one week after receiving payment unless the client requests longer storage.
15- Estimates and quotes are valid for 10 days from the date of issue.
16- RCR Computer guarantees the confidentiality of all data and treats it as the owner’s content. Client databases and personal information are protected under strict data protection regulations.
17- For added security, set a password on your operating system, and share it with us via phone, email, or text. We can change the password separately if requested, providing additional security.
18- RCR Computer will perform repairs as described and for the charges shown in the quote, unless otherwise agreed upon.
19- RCR Computer is not responsible for data loss or corruption during formatting or work on computers or hard drives. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us in writing of any data to be saved or backed up.
20- RCR Computer is not liable for loss of earnings, financial or non-financial gain, or revenue during any work, including guarantee work.
21- Goods are subject to availability, and refunds will be provided for goods not supplied.
22- RCR Computer charges $100 per hour for hardware or software repairs.
23- RCR Computer offers a No Fix No Fee Policy. If the engineer cannot resolve the issue or lacks the necessary technical knowledge, no charges will apply.
24- RCR Computer is not liable for any damage that occurs during or after the work on the laptop or desktop computer. No compensation or legal cover will be offered.
25- RCR Computer provides a 14-day warranty on all hardware and software repairs. Alterations by parties other than RCR Computer void the warranty.
26- If additional problems arise during the agreed work, extra charges may apply, and the client will be notified.
27- Payment is accepted via online payment, electronic transfer or cash upon completion of the work.
28- RCR Computer reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any modifications will remain enforceable.

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